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Advantages of the amazing Deer distill the exclusive importer whole Asia From USA

Loc Nhung Essence
Angelcare by Dr. DANIELLE too good?

Chinese traditional medicine has researched and learned about the miraculous use of Loc Nhung Deer. Thousands of years ago, Loc Nhung was used only for kings, kings and emperors. The oldest Chinese king of all the Chinese kings was "Qianlong King" born September 25, 1711, born 7/2/1799 and 88 years old. According to Chinese history books, during the banquets, King Qianlong favored the most "Horn Nhung Deer Chung Chung Bat" cooked for 3 days and 3 nights "for Qianlong King, Queen, Prince of the Kingdom and hundreds of concubines. women use goodness. Bat Vi Deer Velvet "to preserve youth and prosperity forever. (pricked according to full Chinese history)
Deer Antler is the young horn of a male deer. Every year, in late summer, the horns fall off. The following spring, a new horn grows, which is the young horn of the male deer. There are many types of deer, only the "White Tail Deer" living wild in the United States have high nutritional value and contain many of the most rare medicinal herbs in the world's velvet antler. White Tail Deer only live wild in the forest, cannot be kept on farms because each day White Tail Deer eat about 8 lbs (4 kg) of wild vegetables, roots and leaves, totaling over 600 types of vegetables, roots and leaves. varies in the wild, preserved by the federal government in the US 4th largest Texas state.
The new "young horn" grows about 5-15 cm long, very soft, the outer surface is covered with hair, soft to the touch, so it is called "Loc Nhung". Loc Nhung inside contains thousands of tiny blood vessels, containing levels of amino acids and inorganic substances in deer antler velvet is extremely rich and diverse such as Canci Phosphate, Canci Carbonate 20 kinds of Amino Acid like Leucine, Lysine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Histidine, Valine ... trace elements such as Ca, Fe, Mg, Na, P, K, Zn ... The important hormones IGF-1, Pantocrin, Estrogen, Testosteron are also Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Polysaccharide and hundreds (100) others.
We have known for a long time that traditional medicine has known the effects of Deer Antlerosis for application in disease prevention and treatment. Currently, advanced western medicine continues to study the medicinal properties of Nhung Deer to develop new uses for disease prevention and treatment. AngelCare by Dr. Danielle in Pearland, Texas, USA. Being a pioneer in researching and applying advanced science and technology "Modern Freeze-Dried Extraction Process Technique XXI" in extracts of Deer Deer Essence containing rare medicinal herbs IGF-1 hormone by professor and doctor Dr. Danielle researches and develops exclusively the optimal formula for the health of the American community. Advanced technology in the 21st century, ensuring that the growth factor (IGF-1) is only available in fresh deer velvet buds, not in ginseng or bird's nest ... (if using fresh deer antler buds to cook porridge or soak in wine Both drying or processing will destroy the medicinal ingredient IGF-1, which cannot be produced medically by itself).

IGF-1 is the universal key to turn on stem cells "Stem Cells" "Complete Rejuvenation" "Complete Rejuvenation" "Reincarnation" for each part of the body. IGF-1 is an essential essential hormone that regulates the health of the whole body, muscles, brain, bones and joints, visceral organs and abnormal growth of cells. Unfortunately as we get older, at the age of 30, we tend to have a deficiency in HGH, which leads to a loss of IGF-1 by more than 50% of IGF-1 and then begins to decline during the 2nd - 3rd decade. of life. This decline continues until the 7th decade of our life, which is why we age, give birth to many diseases and die. Angelcare Essence Angelcare by Dr. Danielle can help you safely and naturally increase your IGF-1 so that you can achieve health and fitness as well as keep the youth of yourself and your loved ones. love in family ./.

Amino acids and inorganic substances in antler velvet are extremely rich and diverse such as Canci Phosphate, Canci Carbonate, Amino acids such as Leucine, Lysine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Histidine, Valine. Micronutrients such as Ca, Fe, Mg, Na, P, K, Zn ... Hormone IGF-1, Chondroitin sulfate A, Pantocrin, Estrogen, Testosteron in addition to Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and hundreds (100) others .

1 / Use Deer Deer In Men:
Deer velvet strengthens tendons, reduces joint pain, stimulates the body to produce Testosterones "Love Fire", slows down the process of male menopause, anti-aging body, tonic effects of kidneys, beneficial blood, enhances production. Export and improve health many recruits and physiological functions in men, support the treatment of infertility, infertility in men.

2 / Uses of Deer Loc Velvet in Women:
Balance the hormone Estrogens "Love Plastic" in the body, regulate irregular menstruation, gonorrhea, lower zone, cold uterus difficult to get pregnant, support infertility treatment. Enhance the immune system, prevent diseases, foster blood circulation to help the body stay balanced and youthful, make skin, hair, nails strong, anti-aging body, reduce symptoms of the time. perimenopause and menopause.
"Deer velvet maintains youthfulness for women"
3 / Uses of Deer Loc Velvet for Patients:
Strengthen physical strength and high resistance to help quickly recover health after an incurable illness, stroke, increase the production of new blood cells, stimulate new cell regeneration for the liver, lungs and green leaf. organ damage, quickly weld the wound, wound, infection with pus, fracture, brain damage, restore the patient's health after surgery and radiotherapy for cancer patients.

4 / Uses of Deer Deer in Children:
Rickets malnutrition, mental and physical retardation. Antler velvet helps stimulate the regeneration of cartilage tissue cells, osteoarthritis, blood marrow production, and can increase growth in children, rickets, slow growth, lack of height, helping the child's body to be healthy, increase immune system against weakness. Helping children eat well, sleep well, have good digestion, develop comprehensively in height and have a smarter intelligence than their peers.

5 / Loc Nhung Deer supports the elderly:
Deer Antler Velvet promotes health, neutralizes free radicals Free Radical, minimizes incurable diseases and cancer, anti-oxidants, helps detoxification and regenerates new cells for the liver due to alcohol consumption and viral infection. Clean the lungs for people who inhale cigarette smoke and polluted dust in the environment. Deer velvet enhances the immune system, helps the elderly get less sick, quickly heals, enhances cardiovascular health, increases blood circulation, improves low blood pressure, opens blood flow to the brain. vestibular disorders, chronic headache and dementia. Clinical experiments have also demonstrated antler velvet effect to support and treat osteoarthritis and gout, active collagen helps regenerate cartilage and joints, reduce joint pain. There are also chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and glycosaminnoglyans that lubricate joints and reduce symptoms of chronic arthritis, metabolic arthritis and spinal spine growth very effectively.

6 / Deer Velvet supports Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes:
Deer velvet contains growth factor IGF-1 (key to opening stem cells throughout the body), which helps stimulate muscle growth and promote protein anabolism. IGF-1 is highly anabolic and will promote both muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth in quality - Hyperplasia) and hyperplasia (formation of new muscle cells quantitatively - Hypertrophy). In addition and in particular regarding athletes, IGF-1 has a positive effect on connective tissue, cartilage, muscles and ligaments, making it an excellent compound in rehabilitation. Heavy weight trainning during the first year of the bodybuilding exercise and training phases. IGF-1 like Organic Steroids gives the body extremely enduring stamina and endurance in training and competition.

7 / Deer Deer Support cardiovascular and stroke prevention:
According to the American Medical Association's scientific research, the active ingredient Pantocrinum in deer antler velvet works to increase blood circulation in the heart and coronary arteries. Helps the heart to contract harder, stabilize the heartbeat and strengthen the heart. One of the key elements in deer antler velvet is Chondroitin sulfate A, which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and limit the number of deaths and stroke by up to 40%. Deer velvet contains stem cells that stimulate bone marrow production to produce blood. It not only works to increase blood volume, increase blood volume, it also helps blood to circulate throughout the body. At the same time, it increases the formation of red blood cells, improves blood oxygen transport and enhances the absorption of element Fe for red blood cells. Those are key factors that help reduce anemia. At the same time, minimizing the symptoms related to anemia such as insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, dizziness, chronic headache, vestibular disorder ...

# Chondroitin Sulfate A combined with Pantocrinum prevents stroke up to 40%
## In particular, for patients with cancer after using deer antler, the amount of red blood cells increased significantly, making the patient more healthy and rosy and quickly recover from chemotherapy and radiation.
### Loc Nhung gives great results for diabetics. The hormone IGF-1 will stimulate the pancreas to produce Insulin to consume excess sugar in the blood, stabilize blood sugar after a period of using Deer Deer Extract from AngelCare.

Twice a day: 15 drops in the morning, 15 drops under the tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing or drinking.

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