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Detox 7 Days To Purify & Purify the Whole Body


Contaminated environment, unsafe food, indiscriminate use of drugs, without the prescription of a doctor .... causing people to accidentally or intentionally cause many health effects, even poison the body.

People can be poisoned by many factors from the environment, the air, food, or the use of drugs to treat illnesses that are also toxic to the body. Besides, there is another cause that is endogenous cause, when toxins enter the body too much, accumulate in the liver, causing the liver to not be able to detoxify and also secretes toxins for the body.
There are many types of poisoning such as poisoning of drugs, alcohol, poisonous mushrooms or chemicals, which are often acute, severe poisoning, causing multi-organ failure. In order to save the patient's life, doctors often have to carry out many emergency measures such as bowel wash, dialysis ... Compared with acute poisoning, chronic poisoning is harder to detect because the disease is very silent like disease. People are just tired, loss of appetite, stomachache, insomnia .... cause many diseases.

Currently on the internet and social networking forums, there are a lot of advertising propaganda about detoxification of the body such as fasting, drinking fruit juice ... is extremely dangerous and counter-scientific. MSc Le Thi Hai, Former Director of the National Nutrition Center explained because fasting can cause dehydration, electrolyte disturbances, the body's compensation mechanism, which depletes the body of nutrients, affecting many functional functions of the body. Or when we only drink lemon juice, fruit juice to purify the body, detoxify, if we drink it on an empty stomach and for a long time, there is a risk of stomach ulcers. Therefore, the improper and anti-scientific detoxification methods not only fail to release toxins but also bring unpredictable consequences for health.

In order to reduce the burden on the digestive system as well as to clean the intestines, you need to pay attention immediately to changing the diet, and simultaneously implement solutions to clean the intestines by scientific methods and The prestigious Detox drug is accredited by medical authorities and allowed to circulate globally.

7 days of detox & body purification will help you => Get all the harmful substances, excess in the whole body, rejuvenate & regenerate the damaged organs.

The Five Bodies : - are the five important organs in the human chest and abdomen: the mind, the heart, the spleen, the kidneys.
The heart is the heart, the can is the liver, the spleen is the spleen, the lungs are the lungs, the kidneys are the kidneys.

Luc Phu: - are six important parts in the abdomen of the human body: taste, assurance, triangle, bladder, primary school, university.
The taste is the stomach, the bile is guaranteed, the bladder is the bladder, the primary field is the small intestine, and the colon is the large intestine. The third pepper is the third pepper: the upper GI is the upper mouth of the stomach, the middle pepper is the middle of the stomach, the lower pepper is the upper mouth of the bladder.

Gold is a valuable treasure - Sometimes health is higher than gold
Gold then buys to sell weight - Health when needed, whoever sells it !!

1- Psyllium Husks Powder (hulls) 4350mg
• A primary cleanser from the esophagus through the colon
• Treatment of intestinal constipation & obstruction
• Reduce intestinal fat & clear cholesterol in the blood, clean blood & blood vessels throughout the body.

2- Organic Flaxseed Oil 2000mg
• Contains Omega Fatty Acid 3-6-9
• Helps to detoxify blood vessels, lungs, and heart
• Help minimize lung cancer & breast cancer.
• Reduces high blood pressure, itching, redness in the skin

3- Black Walnut Hulls Powder 750mg
• Treatment of intestinal constipation & obstruction
• Reduce sweating, heat in the body
• Helps to detoxify the intestines, worms & molds, bacteria ..

4- Cape Aloe Leaf Powder (Aloe ferox) 500mg
• Helps purify Aama (Urid Acid) in the blood to minimize gout and musculoskeletal (degenerative & rheumatic)
• Helps the body fight viruses, mold, and worms

5- Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder 600mg
• Helps detoxify gallbladder to limit gallbladder disease & gallbladder cancer
• Helping the body to consume animal fats

6- Senna Leaf Powder 100mg
• Clean up & detoxify colon up, transverse colon, down colon, sausage colon, rectum & appendix to help prevent bowel cancer

7- Fenugreek Seed Extract 100mg
• Purification & purification of the pancreas helps prevent diabetes improvement, lower cholesterol
• Clean the respiratory system, lungs to help improve sinusitis, pneumonia

8- Fennel Seed Powder 100mg
• Detox & purify toxic gas in the stomach to make breath fresh
• Help the Kidney to purify & remove toxic residue to improve blood pressure
• Clean the urinary tract to limit Candida Albican, E. Coli
• Phytoestrogenic substances help with menstrual symptoms
• Rich in fiber for weight loss & without feeling hungry.

9- Red Clover Powder (aerial parts) 50mg

. Purification of enzymes that affect prostate cancer in men, endometrium (lining of the uterus) in women.
• Isoflavones help slow osteoporosis.
• Purifies the gallbladder, promotes production & increases secretion of bile acids to dissolve LDL (bad fat) & increase HDL (heart-healthy fat)

10- Black Cohosh Root Extract (2.5% Triterpen) 20mg
• The bright star in medicinal herbs helps purify & detoxify the ovaries, uterus, regulate menstruation, reduce hot flashes (hot flashes) vaginal dryness
• Helps purify the testicles to increase production of healthy & complete sperm, reduce nighttime dreaming

11- Sage Leaf Powder 10mg
• Like metfermin - purify the pancreas, stimulate insulin to reduce blood sugar significantly improve diabetes
• Helps with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties in the oral cavity (Ursolic Acid) to help clean breath, gums, and tongue

12- Organic Gum Acacia (Arabic) 10mg
• Helps purify & detoxify the brain (mercury) improve memory, sleep, relieve headache

13- Goldenseal Root (3: 1 extract) 10mg
• Cleanse the stomach, spleen, intestinal infection

14- Garlic Bulb Extract 50mg
• Increasing resistance, reducing liver fat, the main terminal illness of the liver

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 60mg
• Increasing resistance, reducing blood fat

16- Cayenne pepper Powder (40,000 HU / G) (fruit) 40 mg
• Purifies & helps clean eyes ./.

Usage: Drink 1 small box (12v) with 300ml of water before sleeping for 7 consecutive days.

# Drink 1 large box 7 days to detox the whole body

# Drink 3 large boxes 21 days to detox & lose weight. /.

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